One Week

A line from a Barenaked Ladies song has been running through my head today, except that my mental version is in the present tense rather than the original’s past. In my head I am hearing, “It’s one week until…”

That’s it, that’s all…one week left to go until the competition! In fact, by this time next week it should all be done. I will have either accomplished what I set out to do or I will fall a little short, but even if I should fall short I still expect to exceed my previous competition results. At the end of the day, I really can’t ask for any more than to see improvement from one competition to the next. Although I do feel more confident about reaching my squat goal after last Thursday’s training session. There is still a generous measure of fear that I won’t be able to do it, but knowing that I’ve squatted 11 pounds less than my goal is reassuring. And if I should fail at that goal…well, a few bumps along the road are to be expected. One cannot be perfect every single time! Right before Christmas I failed at my first ever attempt at 200 pounds. Last week I did 215 pounds for the first time. I may not miss very many of my attempts, but each miss is a lesson to learn from. Trust the process.

Here are some random thoughts about this final week:

  • It’s rest week, and I am already restless.
  • I’m glad I decided to make a pre-competition appointment with my chiropractor. My next regular appointment is immediately after the competition, but it’s been a few weeks and I know I will appreciate the adjustment before, especially since my neck feels tight and there have been lots of headaches.
  • I wonder how well I will sleep the night before in a strange hotel bed.
  • I have no idea what I am going to do for food during the competition! I will need to eat, and it will be a long day.
  • I hope the mountain roads are good for travel for the weekend.
  • It seems like there is an awful lot on my plate right now…one of the hazards of being a mother, I think. This can be helpful as well as dangerous. It can keep me from stressing out too much about the competition, but it can also interfere with focus and clarity in preparing for competition.
  • I will be super happy to be allowed to go to the gym tomorrow, even if I’m only allowed to do light and easy things.

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