Today was my last heavy squat session before the competition. It should have been just another walk in the park, because, as my trainer reminded me yesterday, this is what I’ve been training for; however, I was hit by the biggest case of nerves about an hour before I left for the gym. I was so nervous that my hands and feet were sweaty, my mouth was dry, my body felt shaky, and my gut was twisting into knots. It felt like an extreme hit of caffeine, except that I hadn’t had any caffeine since first thing in the morning. It was brutal, and I don’t feel like I was really putting much thought into my squat session. Aside from a headache, my day had been busy doing laundry and housework, eating lunch, and enjoying a good book right up until I left the house. I wasn’t thinking about much of anything, but my body was stressed out anyway. I talked to myself as I drove to the gym, trying to remind myself that this was no big deal and I had no reason to be nervous. It didn’t work. I walked into the gym and was greeted by my temporary trainer. Finally, as I pulled the first knee sleeve on, the nerves settled like a gentle sigh.

Squats and only squats today. Short and sweet. It wasn’t really a lot of work, but it was still a good day.

95 x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 2, 175 x 2 all beltless

with belt: 195 x 1, 205 x 1, 215 x 1 for a new PR!!

205 x 2, 205 x 2 with belt

These felt pretty good today. It was nice to have a rest day between deadlifts and squats again, as that had been missing the previous two weeks. Hitting the heavy squats the day after deadlifting wasn’t a lot of fun. I still have a bit of a sticking point, but I’m okay as long as I keep proper position under the bar. I was able to do that today, and the 215 went up better than the last two week’s 210. Today was also the first time I’ve done 205 for more than a single rep, so that is encouraging. And now comes the really difficult part…resting!


One thought on “Squatastic”

  1. Good luck Angela. I know you will give it your best shot and you can’t ask for more than that. You’ve been preparing for quite awhile now and it will pay off.

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