Deadlift Low-Down

With my competition in 12 days, today was my final “heavy” deadlift day, and I wasn’t really sure how the session would go for me. My trainer is away on vacation leaving me to train with a personal trainer/power-lifter friend of his. I was confident that I would be in good hands, but I was still slightly nervous and uncertain. Change, even a temporary one, can be uncomfortable…and did I mention that I’m 12 days from competition?! But seriously, I knew it would be okay, just different.

My biggest concern has been that my deadlifts have been so sucky lately. Although I desperately need to learn to push with my legs instead of pulling with my back, I know that there won’t be major changes in my deadlift until after this competition. I’m resigned to the fact that my deadlift won’t be where I would like it to be, although it has sucked long enough that I haven’t even truly thought about where I would like it to be for this competition.

Today was deadlifts and only deadlifts. No new PRs. Very few heavy reps but more volume than usual, and I think it was a good thing.

1. deadlifts

115 x 3, 135 x quite a few…maybe 6 altogether as Kevin made a little tweak to my set-up, 185 x 3 all beltless

with belt: 205 x 1 This felt better than the same weight last week. That little tweak seemed to help. 225 x 1, 245 x 1

185 x 5, 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3, 185 x 3, 185 x 3 All these were simply practicing the form.

So, what was this little tweak?

In a nutshell, I just need to keep my shoulders more forward over the bar and set the bar up to go straight up and down. That sounds simple, right? Ha! Yeah, not really. I over-simplified the explanation, but it basically boils down to having that bar go in as straight a line as possible. I know Michael has tried to get me to do the same thing in different ways. Hopefully we can keep improving my form after this competition, because there won’t be any drastic changes taking place before then! I do have to say that my glutes and quads are already feeling a little sore…guess I was finally using my legs more than my back!

I also have to say that I do still miss having my trainer there! I missed his fist pumps and high fives and encouragement, and I am super glad that he will be with me at the competition!


5 thoughts on “Deadlift Low-Down”

  1. I find myself intrigued, reading your blog, as I’m a powerlifter too! Unfortunately I can’t do full power due to a knackered knee so it’s just bench and deadlift for me, just now anyway. I’ve lots of questions for you though!! (I train on my own so very interesting to see how others train! Also I’m really struggling with my deadlift training lately 😔 so desperately searching for any tips right now!!)
    Questions for you though…
    Firstly, these weights, are they in kilos or pounds? Secondly, what’s your bodyweight? (I’m 56.5kg so trying to equate what you’re doing to what I am!! Lol!!) …and lastly… What you aiming for in your comp? 😊

  2. Lol… Just read a few more of your blogs and obviously you’re working in pounds! (…wasn’t sure if you were a plus 100kg big mama!) Still, interested to know what your PB’s are though!!

    1. Yes, I use pounds, although all my competitions use kilos so I’m always having to stretch my brain to figure out the conversion. lol My current body weight is 147 pounds or roughly 67 kg. I set my deadlift PB of 248 lbs last July. At this point in time, I really don’t have big expectations for this competition for the deadlift, but I’d be happy to lift 260 or 265. For the squat and bench press, I have already exceeded my last competition results. Last competition I squatted 187.3 and benched 93.6. In training, my best squat has been 210 and bench 115.5. I’m hoping to squat at least 226 in this competition to set a new Provincial record. The bench record is 126.5. I’d love to break that one as well, but I don’t know if I’m there yet.

      1. Mind over matter will get you there, if you’ve put the training in! Have you been doing it long? I have nine weeks till my next comp and am hoping for 52kg (114) on bench (so we’re not far different there) – it’s there, but I missed it at the last comp. I have had a shoulder injury that’s taken too long to get back from… My PB on bench is 60kg, once(!) in a VERY bad mood! I weighed 60kg at the time so was heavier, but a week later I came off my bike and hurt my shoulder and knee – been fighting to get back up there ever since! I WISH I could squat!! I’ve been doing a few in training, but I have to strap my knees heavily. I can only do about 60kg even at that, but knee doesn’t bother my deadlift, and got a pb of 123kg (270lb) at my last comp. I want 130kg but I’m struggling with training just now. You’re lucky to have people to train with – sometimes you need it to keep the focus! …you just gotta keep focus at comp and you’ll get results and smash those records!!!!!

  3. I’ve been working with a personal trainer for a year and a half. He is also a powerlifter and the reason why I got into competing. I’ve had a few minor issues because of training, but between my trainer and my chiropractor, I’ve been in good hands. My shoulders have probably been the biggest issue, but they are feeling pretty good now. My husband teases me because he can bench more than I can (naturally!), but he can’t squat due to his hip so I’ve got him beat there! lol
    I am incredibly blessed to have my trainer; I definitely couldn’t, wouldn’t do this without him!

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