14 Days

So brunch with the in-laws went well enough. It is a beautiful day for the little drive to Vernon where the in-laws live. We had brunch at the restaurant in a Best Western hotel, and it was surprisingly good. Not so surprisingly, at least for me, the sister-in-law did not attend! Kane had been certain that she would be there, but I was confident that she would find some reason to back out. We don’t know what her excuse was this time, and I really don’t care. It would simply be an excuse to avoid being with us. Even though the brunch was probably more comfortable without her presence and even though I fully expected her to bail, I have to say that I am ticked off by her absence. It’s just so typical of her attitude and behaviour. She obviously hasn’t changed and has no interest in any sort of family reconciliation. Today was tolerable, but it was essentially the same as any family gathering in the years leading up to her blow-out. Our families would get together, but she would have some pathetic reason to not be there. Whatever. That’s over and done, now I have other things to focus on.

Like competition in 2 weeks!

Flight groupings were posted Friday night. I am in the second flight of the first session, which means that I will still have an early start to the day with weigh-in at 7:00 AM. Since my weight class is very small and the smallest in my flight, I expect that I will be lifting near the beginning of my flight.

There are only 4 training sessions left: 2 sort of regular sessions and 2 de-load sessions. Although it may not feel like it once I get in the gym, this week rather feels like a de-load, but rest is important, too.


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