A Bench PR

Friday’s training session was this morning, because sometimes that’s just the way life rolls. My lower back is a little sore from yesterday’s deadlifts, but I felt good to go.

1a. squats

warm-ups: 95 x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 175 x 2  all beltless

main event: 190 x 1, 200 x 1, 210 x 1 all with belt

pause squats: 2 sets of 3 @ 160

In general, my squats felt great today. They felt fast and solid. I think the bar path was fairly consistent with just a slight forward pitch once, maybe twice. The last single was not as fast, and it was not as easy as the rest. Michael knew it was going to be a struggle, so he was giving me cues before I even walked the bar out. Even though I don’t take those heavy weights lightly (ha ha!), I was still kind of taken by surprise when I hit a sticking point on this last rep. It isn’t very often that a sticking point takes me out of a squat, but I did have a moment of mental panic that I wasn’t going to be able to finish this squat. It seemed like I was stuck forever! I just kept pushing my legs and lifting my chest, even when it seemed as if I was not actually moving, and mentally attempted to put out the flames of panic. I did not quit, and I finished the squat! I had no idea what had happened, but Michael knew. Neurological fatigue from yesterday’s deadlifts. Good to know! My form didn’t break down. It wasn’t a lack of strength issue. I can live with that.

1b. bench press

warm-ups: 45 x 8, 65 x 5, 80 x 5, 95 x 2

main event: 105 x 1, 110 x 1, 112.5 x 1 PR

90 x 9 (AMRAP) The last rep was a bit slow to lock-out, and I probably could have ground out at least another rep or two. So Michael had me do something new…benching to a board, or really a stack of 4 boards.

105 x 4 with the 4-boards for 2 sets

2a. wide grip pull downs

70 x 12, 90 x 12

And Michael gave me homework! 2 sets of 20 lying leg raises.


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