This day had all the makings of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day; however, despite all that was wrong with the day, I think I sailed through it with flying colours.

I fell asleep last night much more quickly than I had expected, but my sleep was broken into segments of varying lengths from 30-90 minutes. Still, it wasn’t the worst night I’ve ever had, although I really wasn’t thrilled to hear the alarm at 3:45 AM.

I arrived at work to discover that the oven we use to bake our donuts was not working. This was not a major catastrophe, but our graveyard baker was a little stressed out. I was mostly just glad that this problem didn’t arise yesterday morning when I was baking!

A short while later an employee called in sick for her morning shift. This also wasn’t really a big deal as we had enough staff to cover all the positions.

But the third problem of the morning was not such a minor inconvenience! The Interac pin pad in our drive-thru went down early this morning. I would rather have 3 employees call in sick than have an Interac disruption in the drive-thru!  We have a large sandwich board sign that we place out front of the drive-thru to inform our customers that they will be unable to pay with debit, credit or gift cards, but somehow this isn’t enough. I printed off a sign and taped it to the menu board that the drive-thru customers look at when they are ordering…and still that wasn’t enough!

It really boggles the mind how clueless people can be as they are driving along in their vehicles! Do they seriously not look around as they are driving? How can they not see the very large and noticeable sign placed right in front of the drive-thru? How can they not see the sign taped in front of their noses? Even if they see the sign, how then can they think that the message does not apply to their debit, credit or gift card? And if they fail to see both the signs, please don’t get angry with us when we tell you that we cannot process your debit card! Don’t get snarky with us and tell us that we should put up a sign, because I really don’t want to bite my tongue as I try to refrain from sarcastically telling you that you must be blind to have not seen the TWO signs that we do indeed have posted! Yes, I realize that the gift card is technically like cash; however, the gift card is processed like a debit or credit card which means it cannot be used if the terminal is not working! If you are so upset that you cannot use these payment methods in our drive-thru, you are more than welcome to park your car and come inside our establishment where the Interac terminals are working! Oh wait! That’s too much of an inconvenience, or you’re too lazy. Got it! I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t control technology. We feel rather inconvenienced, too!

Despite all that, I think it was a pretty good day. A couple of favourite faces also popped in for a quick hello and a few Timbits..a little bit of icing on the top of what turned out to be a pretty good day!


5 thoughts on “TGIF”

      1. Essentially, yes I think I am. However, I’m certain that I will carry doubts about that all the way up to the moment I attempt each lift in the competition! lol

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