Today was deadlift day, and I didn’t dread them. They still might not be my favourite, but at least I’m not actively hating them now. My quads and glutes are quite stiff and sore from Monday’s training session, but I had 10 wonderful hours of sleep last night. I was ready!

1. deadlifts (conventional)

warm-ups: 95 x 5, 135 x 5, 165 x 3, 185 x 3, 205 x 1 all beltless

main event: 225 x 1 beltless, 235 x 1 with belt, 245 x 1 with belt and some rounding of the back

work sets: was supposed to be 3 sets of 3 @ 205 but Michael had me do 2 more sets to work on technique

Michael noticed in the first set of 3 that my first rep had some back rounding while the next two reps were much better. After the first rep, I would put the bar down closer to my shins than I would have it for the first rep, so he had me begin the following sets with the bar practically touching my shins. It felt a little strange as I set myself up, but the next two sets were definitely better. For the final two sets, Michael had me also focus on pulling the hips forward as soon as the bar passed my knees. Obviously I don’t do that and need to nail it down. Practice makes better, and my deadlift definitely needs practice.

2a. Yates rows

75 pounds x 12, 85 x 12

b. overhead press

45 pounds x 8, 55 x 8

c. ab wheel

x 10, x 10


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