Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I had thought that I would not blog today because: a) I really don’t have anything to say, and b) I had a rather grumpy day. While I’ve never gone out of my way to censor the negative out of my blog, I really do try to keep the snarky attitude under wraps. Sarcasm can be a wonderful safety feature as it allows me to release a bit of frustration while also allowing a dash of humour to sneak back in to fill the void. It helps me stay sane, but sarcasm wasn’t enough today.

Here are some observations on my day:

  • just when I was beginning to think that the headache had disappeared and the periods of light-headedness had drastically reduced…I spent most of the day with eyes fixed on an immovable object and at least one hand touching a solid surface. And the headache resurfaced.
  • I think my grouchiness was initially linked to being hungry.
  • I am generally very easy-going about what you want to call me. However, I realized today that I get a wee bit irritated when someone who is already irritating calls me by the wrong name. I won’t care if you just say, “Hey you!”…just don’t call me by a different name.
  • My husband heard me call a driver a moron today. He seemed shocked, which makes me think that he’s never been in the car with me before, because I am frequently muttering under my breath when I see idiotic drivers. My daughter can vouch for that!
  • Sometimes my eating is all emotional. Today was not a good day, but I’m not stressing over the abundance of carbs consumed. I can get back on track tomorrow.
  • I heard a song on the radio this afternoon that seemed to be a perfect fit for my day…I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!
  • Not everyone has the same work ethic as I do and that drives me a little crazy sometimes.
  • Some things never change even when they really should.
  • I’ve had two consecutive nights of sufficient but restless sleep. My sleep app has looked much like an EKG reading. I know I’ve done a lot of tossing and turning, finding it difficult to stay comfortable. I’ve been stuck on my back since last May due to my shoulder issues, but I am definitely a side sleeper. Now that my shoulders are feeling pretty good, I’m finding it even more challenging to sleep on my back; however, I can’t sleep for very long on my side before a shoulder starts to hurt. Do you know how much this sucks?
  • I like to think that I can roll with the punches fairly well, but sometimes I really don’t like it when things don’t go according to my plans.
  • I especially don’t like it when things don’t go according to my plans because someone else wants to make things up along the way.
  • the cherry on top of my crappy Saturday sundae was learning that a co-worker I like working with just gave his notice

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