The Appointment

I had my much dreaded doctor’s appointment yesterday. Just for fun I made predictions for how long I would wait to see the doctor past my scheduled appointment time, how long the doctor would actually spend with me, and the level of his concern over my concern. My predictions were really quite close! I was bang on with my guess of a 30 minute wait to see the doctor. For the duration of my visit I had predicted 5-10 minutes, and the doctor was in and out in roughly 7 or 8 minutes. His concern level was also about what I expected. He’s not overly concerned at all, but at least he is sending me for a bunch of tests.

The appointment went down the predictable path that tends to leave me feeling frustrated as if I have just wasted my time. As I explained the blood pressureĀ findings that my chiropractor discovered, my doctor may as well have scoffed and commented on his disdain for chiropractors. While he didn’t come out and express that sentiment, I could read it in his expression and between the lines of what he actually did say. Basically it is normal for people’s blood pressure to drop when they are upright rather than laying down, so since my blood pressure tanked when I laid down there must be something wrong with a) my chiropractor or b) the process or c) some unknown fault that defies proper expectation. No, my doctor did not say all that, but he may as well have.

My doctor did take my blood pressure laying down and then again standing up. Both times were basically normal. Okay. That’s fine but that doesn’t negate my chiropractor’s findings last week. Whatever. At this point I trust my chiropractor a heck of a lot more than I trust my doctor. My doctor’s not a bad guy…I just don’t feel like he really ever takes me seriously and sometimes I feel like he is too dismissive of a concern. I am not and never have been the sort of person who runs to the doctor for every sniffle, scratch, rash, or ache. I hate going to the doctor. I will put off going to the doctor until an issue becomes of significant concern to me, because I hate going to the doctor and feeling like I’m wasting his time and mine. I rarely get sick. I rarely take medication, antibiotics, or even ibuprofen. I realize that many symptoms can mean absolutely nothing or could apply to a wide assortment of illnesses, deficiencies, disorders and diseases, so I’m not one to panic when I have an unexplained symptom…at least until it becomes a prolonged and bothersome nuisance. Okay, end rant!

So I’m not thrilled with my doctor, but I am at least glad that he has decided to do some tests. I guess I’ll be losing several vials of blood on Thursday morning. There will be tests on sodium, iron, thyroid, and a host of other levels as well as a glucose-fasting test. Great. The clinic opens at 8:30, and I know from experience that there will be a mad rush of old people waiting for their daily/weekly trip to the lab. Did I mention that I will need to fast for 12 hours prior to my blood test?! Do you realize that most days of the week I am used to eating my lunch between 8:00-9:00 AM? Throw in this dizziness and pretty much constant headache and I just might get a little hangry until the blood work is complete and I can finally eat!

Besides the blood work, my doctor is also sending me for an ultrasound on my thyroid. I’m not sure that this is really connected to the dizziness, but he seemed to think there was a lump or something on my thyroid. I got the call today to book my appointment…for May 11th! <sigh>

I really just want to know what’s going on and how to resolve it. Like now?


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