Head Games

I thought I felt bad yesterday…today was just as bad, if not worse. My sleep was not so great, and the base of my skull was still gripped by a nasty headache. I skipped the contact lenses today, because I was tired and my eyes felt pinched and strained. The light-headedness was just as bad today as yesterday. For most of my work day I was a “runner”, which probably wasn’t the best position for me today, because the quick, frequent movement and turns of the head resulted in disturbingly frequent episodes of feeling disconnected from my head. I felt utterly awful.

On my breaks I made an appointment with my doctor for next week and an appointment with my chiropractor earlier this afternoon. I might have cried had I not been able to get into see my chiropractor today.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my chiropractor? 😉

He didn’t just throw me on the table and begin twisting my neck all over the place. Nope. Not at all. Instead he asked me questions and we talked. Caffeine. Sodium. Sleep. Stress. Blood pressure. Training. Headache. Dizziness. Suboccipital muscles (told you I’d remember that part, Ben!) Then there were a couple of little tests before the manipulation began. Yes, there were some snaps, crackles and pops. I wouldn’t say that relief was instantaneous, but I certainly felt better when I left than when I arrived. And a visit with Ben wouldn’t be complete without a little take-away assignment, so I now have another little stretch to do. Gotta say that stretch feels rather good!

It has now been several hours since my appointment, and I feel rather good. I still have a decent headache, but my eyes no longer feel pinched and strained. Despite the headache, I feel more human than I did earlier today. I feel less tension in my neck, which sounds strange to say since I still have that headache stemming from the base of my skull. I think I can also say that there haven’t been as many dizzy moments since I saw Ben this afternoon. Really I want to say that there haven’t been any episodes, but I don’t want to be overly optimistic. I’m just glad that I feel a marked difference, but I’m not exactly thrilled about needing to see my doctor on Monday.


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