Wonderful Wednesday

I went to bed last night around 7:30 and woke up at 6:00 this morning. While it wasn’t a perfect night’s sleep, it was definitely the best one I have had in a long time! So much nicer to feel human again…

I had been looking forward to this day for a while now, because today was the day when registration would open for a powerlifting competition in April. The previous competition filled up quite quickly, so I was feeling a measure of stress over the timing of registration in relation to a couple of morning commitments. I knew I would have a training session at 8:00 and a chiropractic appointment at 10:40, but I had no idea what time the registration would officially go live. So I powered up the laptop as soon as I woke up, checked the website, and checked often. I ate breakfast, got dressed, all while checking and waiting, not so patiently. I sipped my pre-workout coffee and waited. Stressing just a little bit. A Tie-fighter buzzed my pocket…it was my trainer asking if I could train at 9:00 instead. No problem. Keep checking and discover something new…registration will open at 8:00! Perfect! Michael’s text suddenly became a lifesaver, and my stress level dropped significantly.

I am now officially registered to compete on April 19, and I am so excited. In fact, the excitement mixed with caffeine had me virtually bouncing off walls and the ceiling. I just might have skipped down the hall at one point. My son asked what else was in my coffee and seemed to think that I was drunk, but that’s just what he says when I get a little too silly for his liking. Sometimes crazy is a state of mind, and mine is in a happy place!

1A. squats


95 x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 175 x 1 (with belt from here on)…this was a little slow, 185 x 1

main event:

175 x 3, 175 x 3, 175 x 3, 175 x 3, 180 x 3

The first working set felt heavy, but that seems to be my normal. The bar always often feels lighter as I work through my sets. There was a bit of stiffness in my quads and glutes from Monday’s squats, but I don’t think that was really much of an issue.

1B. bench press


45 x 8, 65 x 5, 75 x 5, 85 x 5

main event:

93 x 3, 93 x 3, 93 x 3…silly bars that weigh less or more…put on weighted collars for final two sets…95 x 3, 95 x 3 with a 3 second pause on last rep

Although it is unlikely to ever be perfect all the time, I am pleased as punch with how my bench is progressing!

2A. cable pull-down rows using my bench grip

60 pounds x 15, 80 pounds x 15, 80 x 15

2B. dips using a green band and narrow grip

3 sets of 10

Really, I’m not a big fan of dips. Not sure I’ve said that out loud to my trainer before, but I think I’ll be okay. The dips felt easy and comfortable today, better than they ever have before. Maybe I’m just getting better at them, or maybe they were better because they weren’t paired with chins. Hmmm!

And then I saw my chiropractor. The left shoulder has been improving and hasn’t been an issue in the gym. (Honest, Michael!) However, there has still been some discomfort in certain movements/actions, particularly at work or home. (Not the gym!) If there is a tender spot to be found, Ben will find it and he will exploit it. He found some tenderness in the front of my shoulder and dug right in. It’s no longer a tender spot but a sore spot! He taped me up again, but this time I get to remove the tape in 48 hours. Once the tape is gone, I get to torture myself by digging into my shoulder for a minute followed by melting an ice-cube over that spot. I am glad that I don’t have to begin that homework for a couple of days, because digging into that spot will not be fun.

The sad news is that I am not allowed to return to a low bar squat for a while yet, which means I will just need to work on perfecting that high bar.


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