Accident Prone?

I’d almost wish that I could start today over again, except that I really don’t want to repeat the day now that it is nearly over. There weren’t enough hours in my night, and the hours of sleep that I did get were fitful. I can’t blame the not-so-great sleep on my shoulder, because it actually didn’t feel too bad last night. At any rate, I was a little tired still when the alarm went off at 4:15…oh wait! I was actually awake a few minutes before the alarm would have gone off. The temptation to shut off the alarm and go back to sleep was quite strong, but I dragged myself out of bed. I did feel a twinge of pleasure though when I noticed the light shining under Abby’s bedroom door and heard little baby sounds. (My daughter brought home a “baby” for the weekend as part of her Human Services class. I don’t think she slept any better than I did!)

We were a sorry, sleepy bunch at work this morning. It was a rather busy day, busier than what has been our normal for a while. It was also an odd kind of day. We were missing a few regular Saturday staff members and recent changes to our delivery system meant I now put together an order on Saturdays rather than Fridays. That’s not a big deal; it just feels strange still and messes with my sense of timing. Aside from the craziness of the day, I really did have an “off” kind of day.

It started quite early in my shift, when I was reaching past the till for something and scratched the side of my elbow on a protruding piece of plastic. Really, it was just a scratch, but it still managed to bleed enough to go through two Band-aids. A few hours later I was grabbing something under our sandwich station and somehow managed to close the sliding door on one of my fingers. I’m still not wholly certain how that happened, but it did. There was a fairly loud crack which made me think that I had broken a fingernail, even though my fingernails have been kept quite short for the sake of lifting weights. Thankfully my fingernail was intact, but I had broken skin right below the base of my nail and it was bleeding. So now I was sporting two blue Band-aids on the same arm, while the other arm was sporting pretty blue argyle Rock tape. I was beginning to feel like a Smurf. Shortly after the finger incident, I very nearly smacked my forehead on a heavy machine. Thankfully we must wear hats at work, so the only thing that hit the machine was the bill of my hat. By this time a co-worker brought out a piece of bubble wrap…

Not too much later I received a text from my trainer asking how my shoulder was feeling. Ha ha! My shoulder was feeling pretty good at that point in time!

Really, I am not an accident-prone person. Honest!

Except for that time I broke my wrist because I fell from the basketball net I was hanging from…for the fun of it. The fun part was in the hanging from the net, not the falling.

The fat lip from the tobogganing accident really wasn’t my fault. I was minding my own business on the tube, sliding down the hill. The rather large and solid man standing on the hill really shouldn’t have been standing in my path, but he wound up with a dislocated shoulder.

The other fat lip was caused by a softball taking a funny bounce as I crouched down to take the throw at second base.

There was at least one other fat lip, but that definitely wasn’t an accident. A classmate thought I was laughing at him and hit me in the face with his school bag. Maybe I did laugh at him. I don’t think so, but I honestly don’t remember…it was a very long time ago.

Okay, so I’m fairly certain there was another fat lip…from somehow flipping a desk over onto my face. Don’t even ask!

I suppose it was my fault when I slammed a different finger in the window last summer and had to get a stitch. Yeah, that was totally my fault!

I know it sounds like I am accident-prone, but all these incidents that I’ve mentioned took place over a lifetime, although I have undoubtedly forgotten a few. However, it isn’t very often that I have multiple accidents in one day.



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