Random Thoughts

It’s been a long, slow, mostly boring, sometimes inane day. Here are some observations:

  • thanks to yesterday’s front squats the sore spots on my shoulders have moved from the back of my shoulders to the front
  • likewise I now have sore spots on my collarbone
  • I can live with both of the above
  • also sore today are my shoulders, traps, lats, glutes, pecs, and quads or just about every major muscle group above the knees
  • I’m a little surprised by how over-all sore I am today. Yesterday’s training session wasn’t that different from the norm.
  • the left shoulder is still quite sore in a non-muscular way
  • I have been reminded of that shoulder issue frequently today
  • I shouldn’t have decided to wash my bedding today, because trying to pull the edges of the fitted sheet back down on the bed was absolute torture. The same was true of wrangling my pillows back into their cases.
  • I left my husband’s pillows uncased…it was my shoulder or his pillows.
  • coffee was my bestest friend today and it still managed to let me down
  • my chiropractor said that taping my shoulder would help me sleep better. I think it did help. I think I really did sleep better…just not by a whole lot. According to my sleep app, it was only about 3% better!
  • I think the not great sleep was probably mostly due to being up much later than my norm and then getting up early.
  • so glad that I like coffee now
  • I’m not super big on yams, but I just ate two as part of my cheat meal. ‘Cause nothing says cheat quite like a baked yam! 😉
  • the real cheat part is being brought home by my son…a salted caramel donut
  • I haven’t been eating wheat for over a week, but I will make an exception for a salted caramel donut during my cheat meal…at least this one time.
  • I had thought I might go for a run today.
  • So did not happen!
  • I don’t think my trainer will mind all that much.
  • Even though I felt like being as physically active as Jabba the Hutt today, I still made a decent dinner…only to find out that the only ones home to eat it were my daughter and myself.
  • oooh, my salted caramel donut has arrived!!!

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