Shouldering On

My husband is one of my biggest supporters and encouragers, but sometimes he will say something to me that comes across in the opposite way. I’m not really sure if he is genuinely telling me to slow down, back down or quit or if he is trying to use reverse psychology to get my back up enough to soldier on. This morning was one such occasion. My shoulder was still bothering me quite a bit, enough to make me wince while merely picking up a coffee cup. Kane made a comment saying that maybe I shouldn’t go to the gym this morning. That is the last thing to say to me…if you want to continue to exist! I assured him that Michael wouldn’t let me do anything to make my shoulder worse and that back squats were off the table for today anyway. Besides I would be seeing my chiropractor later this morning.

Even though I would rather have a limb fall off than miss a training session, I was still feeling a good level of despair and frustration over the pain in my shoulder. It didn’t take long for Michael to make a comment about my having not had a good sleep last night. I hadn’t said anything about not having slept well. I did have a cup of coffee not too long before my training session, so I didn’t think I looked overly tired. When I asked him how he knew I didn’t sleep well, he said that he could see it in my eyes…not that I looked bad but he could see what I was thinking. I cannot hide a thing from my trainer! I suppose that is a good thing.

So, no back squats today. No bench press. A little disappointing but not the end of the world. However, it would have felt like the end of the world had I tried back squats today and had a completely crappy session. Instead, today was about doing other things, which is okay, too.

1. front squats!

I have not done front squats for a long, long time, like probably not since last July. My personal tracking prior to last November was spotty and consisted mostly of personal records. My last note about front squats was a new PR of 115 pounds for 5 reps on July 4, 2014, but I couldn’t remember (and didn’t have that note with me) that as I was doing my squats today.

warm-up: 45 x 5, 65 x 3, 95 x 3, 125 x 3 (that right there was a PR and I didn’t even know it!)

main event: 5 sets of 3 @ 145 pounds…new PR!!!

And you know what? I think I could have easily added more weight to the bar. It didn’t feel like I hadn’t done front squats since July, and the 30 pound increase in weight felt rather easy. That’s only a couple of pounds shy of my body weight. There is nothing like the feeling of redemption in experiencing a PR to wipe away the sting of frustration brought on by failure, pain, or just an off session!

2. kettle bell presses using 10 kg: 6, 5, 5

Those numbers seem small, and they probably are. What can I say? Although nothing I did today aggravated my shoulder, I am still dealing with a very unhappy shoulder.

3a) chest supported rows using 12 kg kettle bells: 15, 12

b) dumbbell curls using 20 pounds: 8, 8

Yes, small numbers again.

c) triceps pull-downs: 12 @ 30 pounds, 6 @ 30 lbs…Michael thought that was maybe too light and upped it to 40 lbs for which I squeaked out 5 reps…dropped down to 35 lbs and got another 5 reps

A short while later I visited my favourite chiropractor and shared my sad tale with him. He poked, prodded and manipulated my shoulder and taped it up once again. He gave me a couple more stretches. No low bar until the shoulder clears up. Once it does, I can go back to a lower position for warm-ups, but keep the bar higher for the heavy grinders. I think I can live with that.


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