First Run of 2015

There is no training for me today as it is a holiday. I also had a short work day, so I thought that I would take advantage of the break from routine to go for a run. It rained all morning and was still raining when I finished work. Perfect…I love running in the rain!

I had decided that today’s run would be short, about 2 kilometres. That distance would be easy enough to complete while still providing just enough challenge after more than a month without running. The biggest question was how my knee would feel. While I would like to continue to run short distances, the last thing I want is to do anything that will hamper my powerlifting training.

Even though this was only my fourth run since mid-September, I am amazed by how my conditioning has managed to stay better than I expect it to be. The first kilometre felt a little difficult, but my pace was faster than it felt. The second kilometre’s pace was only slower by 12 seconds, but it felt easier and more comfortable. In fact, the second kilometre felt so good that I extended my run just a bit further. My 2 kilometre run turned into an almost 3 kilometre run, and it felt pretty darn good. There were occasional twinges of pain in the knee, but since they rotated through various spots I don’t think I need to be too concerned about them.

It sure felt good to run again though! I am especially glad that it was raining. Powerlifting makes me feel physically strong and lean, but running makes me feel powerful in an entirely different way.


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