Not the Deadlift Diva

I always look forward to my next training session. I love training and pushing myself. Even when the work is hard or I struggle to complete a task or even completely fail, the gym is a happy place to be. It is there that my confidence grows along with my strength, and just as my growing strength transfers itself to my life outside of the gym, so does my confidence. However, there are moments when my strength feels a little shaky and my confidence shakes right along with it.

This is kind of how I feel when it comes to the deadlift these days. Since I have been doing a lot of squatting and benching, I am feeling stronger and more confident with both. Deadlifts are not something we have been doing a lot of…just once a week. Perhaps I love the squat and bench press so much, because I am doing them so often. Possibly this is true.

During last week’s “test day”, I was able to replicate my previous personal best deadlift, but I could not better it. While there were valid reasons for not being able to do more, the fact is that deadlifts just feel heavy lately. I would much rather have all that weight on my shoulders for a squat than try to lift it from the floor. Michael assures me that I am capable of more than what I am performing, that my strength has not waned, and that the deadlift is what I am good at. Those are lovely words but not always so easy to believe. Well, it isn’t that I don’t believe them…most of the time I do. It is a bit of a struggle right now though.

Tomorrow is deadlift day, but I am more excited about the heavy squats I will be doing. I think I have a little mental block about deadlifts. While I used to seesaw back and forth between my favourite being squats or deadlifts, right now my answer would be unequivocally squats! Maybe I will always like squats over deadlifts, but I suppose there may also be truth in saying that I don’t like deadlifts very much lately because I have not been doing them as frequently as squats.


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