Cheater’s Never Prosper

My plan is to compete in a powerlifting competition in April and again in July. My goal is to drop down a weight class for those competitions. The April competition is being held under a different umbrella than the July competition, which means that the break down of each weight class is slightly different. For April, I would like to fall under the 138.6 pound class, while July’s desired weight class is 132.2 pounds. The world records that I would love to break in July are in the 132.2 pound class! There is my incentive to get down to a weight that I probably haven’t been since I was a teenager.

So, last night I asked my trainer what he thought would be the best way to go about dropping the weight. He paused. He considered. He asked if I wanted to know the easiest way. I did. He said I wouldn’t like it. He said I should give up my cheat day and stop eating bread. I think I did a very good job at remaining calm and dignified, although Michael seemed to think that I looked angry or upset and made repeated comments about me hating him or stabbing him with a fork. I don’t really know what I was expecting him to say, but I don’t think I was really expecting him to say that! And yet, in a way, I wasn’t very surprised at all.

Giving up the bread shouldn’t be too difficult. I have certainly done it before and can do it again. Most days I simply eat bread out of convenience anyway. Sometimes it is just easier to have a sandwich than it is to actually prepare a real meal without bread. But I can do it.

I will miss my cheat day, and this makes me super glad that I opted for that third drink last Saturday night! Sugary alcoholic drinks are going to be severely restricted now, but that isn’t really a hardship for me. However, instead of an entire cheat day, I am allowed two cheat meals! Sunday and Thursday evenings will be my new cheat meals, which really just means eating more complex carbs. Maybe I’ll have a little treat sometimes, too. In moderation, of course.

I will miss my cheat day, but I am also looking forward to the change…just a wee bit. Of course, I expect that there will be days or moments when I am not feeling warm, fuzzy feelings for the change, for the loss of my cheat day, for the loss of bread, for the need to be super-focused on making better choices more often than not. In fact, I can virtually guarantee that there will be moments where my attitude royally sucks, and I am going to growl and grumble. There may be a pity party or two or three or four. I might even invite you to them all. No, the next few months are not going to be all flowers and sweetness, but I also know that the struggle will get easier. I know that I have the determination to stick it out and make it happen. I know that the goal is worth the effort and temporary discomfort. Besides, it isn’t like I need to lose a ton of weight! I’m only talking like 8-10 pounds!


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