Growing Optimism


It was a few weeks late, but my best friend and I were finally able to go out for dinner to celebrate both of our birthdays. I don’t think I really realized just how much I needed a “girl’s night” until Thursday when we finally nailed down our plans for last night.

We went to Raudz, a local restaurant. Karen had been there before, but I hadn’t, even though it has been on my ‘must try’ list for some time now. The food was simply amazing: fresh, local and creative! There were several dishes that were enticing, but I settled on a bacon cheeseburger with poutine. That sounds so generic and boring! So completely the opposite! I am generally reluctant to order a burger at a restaurant, because I can be slightly fussy about how I like my burger. My burger last night was quite simply the best burger I have ever had in a restaurant. Ever! The poutine was no regular poutine either. For dessert…salted caramel ice cream! Oh yes!

Over the course of our evening, I had three Tai Fighters. If you know anything about Star Wars, then you will see Tai Fighters and hear Tie Fighters. In fact, on the drink menu, they actually say, “Darth Vader meets Trader Vic’s Mai Tai…” As a Star Wars geek, how could I not order myself one of those?! Now I really don’t drink alcohol very much or very often, but I had three Tai Fighters last night. My head felt a little spacy, but I was quite fine.

My lovely friend gave me a lovely gift which I am wearing in the photo above. It is a t-shirt from Ten Trees, which means that ten trees will be planted on my behalf in India. How cool is that! The shirt is super comfortable and soft, but I especially love the picture and the phrase Growing Optimism. That phrase is also the reason why my friend chose this shirt. It’s perfect, and I love it!



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