A Runner’s Review

Early in January I received an email from MapMyRun which gave me a little summary of my running over the course of 2014. Since I only made the switch to MapMyRun in the middle of June, their stats do not include the first 5 and a half months of last year. Between June 12 and the end of 2014, I ran 281 kilometres over the course of 33 hours. Wow! I could manually go through my old running log to figure out my mileage for the first months of the year, but I’ve got better things to do with my time. Last year was certainly a big year for me in terms of running! What if I hadn’t been forced to take an extended running “holiday” from mid-September until late December? Now here I sit at the end of January, and I haven’t even been out for a run once this month! I was going to say that I ran 5K on New Year’s Day, but I forgot that the run was actually on December 31. Hmmm…somehow it felt better to think that I had at least run once in January.

It isn’t like I planned to not run this month, but my knee pain reared its ugly head shortly after the Resolution Run. Since I have no pending races to prepare for, I’ve been more than willing to take it easy and allow the knee to get better. Then my trainer asked me not to run this week, because I need to rest and recover in preparation for Friday’s test day. He did say that I could run on my hands, but I don’t think I’d get very far that way and doing so might wreak havoc with my bench press!

Then yesterday we were discussing a potential powerlifting competition in April. I am super eager to compete again, but I didn’t want to barrel ahead with my own plans without getting Michael’s thoughts on the matter. I value his wisdom and experience. Since I want to challenge some World Records in July, I don’t want to let my eagerness to compete interfere with proper training and rest. The good news is that he doesn’t see a problem with it if that is something I want to do. I do! In fact, I even told him that I was willing to cut way back on the running in order to do it!

Wait a minute? Did I really say that out loud? Maybe he didn’t really hear that part. Maybe he’ll forget I ever said it.


Okay, I said it. I’ll even say it again. Are you ready?

I will cut back on running in order to save my strength and energy for powerlifting!

It is easy to say that now. Easier anyway. When you have only run a grand total of 10 kilometres since the middle of September and the weather is still slightly winterish, the siren song of running isn’t quite as captivating. I might not feel the same when Spring pokes her nose into the world…or when I hear one of my favourite running songs. In those moments, my resolve will shake and my words will taste bitter, because I do enjoy running.

But I also enjoy getting stronger and lifting heavy things! There should be a happy, comfortable balance in there somewhere. I just need to find it.


2 thoughts on “A Runner’s Review”

  1. I think that’s awesome. It’s important to go for what motivates you at any given time. I’m loving running right now but may switch to something in the future. It’s all good. 🙂

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