Space Invader

Last night I half-jokingly told my husband that I was feeling like he was encroaching on my “space”. By space I really mean things and habits that I have ritualized or implemented in my own life, often while being mocked, ridiculed or questioned by my family. It’s like I am the trend-setter, and Kane will only jump on board the bandwagon if it is something that I eat or take part in. This shouldn’t be a problem, except that Kane tends to grab the bull by both horns and then runs crazy with it.

I add protein powder to my diet and suddenly Kane is drinking all my protein. I understand that he needs protein, too; however, maybe he shouldn’t grumble about how much it costs when I need to buy another tub!

I switch to plain Greek yogurt, and Kane starts consuming plain Greek yogurt.

I bake my own healthy granola or buy a packaged granola…he eats it all.

I love dark chocolate, but I can go weeks between nibbles. Still, I like to have several bars on hand. My self-control is very good; Kane’s not so much.

Salted caramel gelato! Again, I can limit myself to a small serving once every week or two or three. Before I was given a lock to keep others out of my gelato, I would frequently discover that Kane (or my son or both) had eaten it all.

Omega 3. Again, I know it is good for Kane to take these. I just wish he wouldn’t keep questioning me about why I am taking them or why I take as many as I do. The same can be said for the Vitamin E and C that I take. I really don’t care if you take them or not…just stop questioning me about why I take them! Or at least listen to my answer the first time you question me about it.

Kombucha & kefir. Good stuff. Good for you stuff. I really don’t mind sharing, but just because something is good for you doesn’t mean you need to go crazy.

Salads. Can you believe this one? It’s salad! It’s silly, I know, but it drives me crazy when I make a nice salad and Kane just takes the entire serving bowl of salad. Have you ever heard of portion control? Maybe I would have liked to have some salad for tomorrow’s lunch?

The most recent and potentially most grievous of crimes…Kane has taken one of my magic bags. I love my magic bags. I heat them up and tuck them into bed with me in the winter. I put one by my feet, one on my belly, and one on my chest. Their warmth banishes the cold of my feet and hands and helps send me into dreamland all the quicker. They are my preciouses, and I wants them all to myself! I realize that is selfish, and so I have allowed Kane to use one the past two nights (for his hip). But this is what has made me feel like my space keeps being invaded. I think I shall have to get a new magic bag, so that Kane can have his own.


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