Week 3, Day 1

1A) squats

warm-ups: 95 x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 1, 175 x 1

main event: 6 sets of 3 @ 145 pounds

These felt good. Bar path is getting better as all the little form cues are clicking into place. My right hip didn’t feel so great during the last set. It wasn’t painful, but it definitely felt tight, maybe pinched. It’s still feeling a little off now.

1B) bench press

warm-ups: 45 x 6, 65 x 5, 75 x 2, 85 x 1, 90 x 1 with a 2 second pause

main event: 4 sets of 8 @ 80 pounds

There was a little glitch during the third set, and I got 7 reps. I did the final rep after re-setting. The final set was better once I got the bar path into a stronger position.

2A) TRX supine rows

4 sets: 8, 9, 8, 8

2B) hanging leg raises

I did three sets of these, but I’m not exactly certain on the number of reps I did in each set. The goal was to touch those toes to the bar 3x, when I did that then the next set’s goal was to touch 4x. When I was successful with 4 touches, then the next set’s goal was 5. I’m happy to say I did touch my toes to the bar 5 consecutive times, although I can’t seem to get enough momentum on the first rep.

It’s been roughly an hour since I left the gym, and I’m definitely feeling that hip. Dagnabit!

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