What’s My Name?

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell

Angela. Ang. Ange. Anj. Angie. Angelina.

I have been called all those names and more. Some names haven’t been said kindly, while others are said with nothing but love.

What is in a name? The answer to that question might vary from person to person. For me, I’m not too fussy. While I am not overly keen on being called Angie, I take no offense to it and will respond kindly. If I was pushed to state a preference, I’d have to say that I prefer Ang best. Why I couldn’t say. It’s simple. Like me.

There are 3 variations of Ang above which are only distinct when written. I find it amusing that I have friends who spell it each of these ways. I never correct anyone, because I am not fussy and the uniqueness is kind of cool. But me…I always use Ang, although I seldom write the short version of my name, especially when I know there are varying versions at play.

I don’t say this to correct your spelling…not at all! Feel free to spell it however you like! I’m okay with it, really, truly, honestly. This is who I am, and I am finally seeing it as the privilege it has always been.



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