World Ranked

At the end of yesterday’s training session, Michael commented on the fact that I was listed in the world rankings for the Masters class. I was surprised and disbelieving. I had looked at RAW’s world rankings the last time they were updated, and my name definitely wasn’t on the list. Somehow I had completely missed the fact that there was a separate list for the Masters class, for those of us that fall into the 40-49 age group.

Although I was short on time when I got home from the gym, I made a point of looking for that Masters ranking. It didn’t take very long to find it; I don’t know how I missed it before. Sure enough, in the 148 pound weight class, there was my name!

My squat was 4th in the world for 2014. I was tied for 10th in the bench press, while my deadlift was also 4th. For my total, I was 5th. In the world!

I wolfed down my cold dinner and rushed back out the door to make it to the final item on my Monday schedule. For the entire 10 minutes of my drive, I was kind of in a daze and would repeatedly and out loud say, “Wow!”

It’s still a little surreal.

I can say that I am a National record holder, but I say it with tongue in cheek knowing that there had been no previous record and I merely had to complete my lifts to set the records. I am proud of what I accomplished in that competition, because I lifted more than I ever had before. But it still feels kind of like a “gimme”.

This Masters world ranking is different, because I didn’t get on the list just for showing up and completing a lift. Well, maybe I did, because I have no idea how many women compete in my age/weight classes, but I hope you get my point. There are other women on the list. I wasn’t placed on the list because there was no one else. I did my thing last July, and my thing was good enough to place me in the top 10 in the world.


And here I thought it was mind-boggling enough to consider myself a National record holder!

If only my kids were impressed…


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