ABSolutely Fantastic

It’s past my bedtime by at least an hour and a half, and I’ve been up since 3:00 this morning, or more than 18 hours ago; however, I really want to blog about my training session today while it is still relatively fresh in my mind.

My knee is still not back to normal, but it is feeling better every day. Knee sleeves are wonderful inventions! There is no pain at all when I squat while wearing the sleeves. Hallelujah!

1A) squats

warm-up: 95 pounds x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 1, 175 x 1

main event: 6 sets of 3 @ 145 pounds

Michael is really working on honing my technique. Improving my technique is always a good thing. He needs to find a way to get me to pull myself down with my hips. I understand the concept, I think, but I just can’t feel it. He assures me that I do have hip flexors. I’m not so sure. There are two phrases that I hear repeatedly at the gym: “pull yourself down with your hips” and “breathe”! I did hear both today.

But we’re working on technique. This also includes locking out with my knees sooner and the position of my elbows and back tightness.

I got to wear my squat shoes today, and it was nice to wear them again.

1B) bench press

warm-up: 45 x 8, 65 x 6

main event: 75 pounds x 8, 80 x 8, 80 x 8, 80 x 8

2A) chest-supported rows: 3 sets of 12 using two 12kg kettle bells

2B) the ab wheel: 3 sets of 10

I’ve made no secret of the fact that the ab wheel is not high on my list of favourite things to do. Even though it has gotten easier over the past number of months, the ab wheel still tends to kick my butt. I don’t know what was so special about today, but I totally owned that ab wheel! The first set was so good…and Michael completely missed it! Of course, he expected me to replicate my performance on the second set, which suddenly made me feel the pressure to perform, but I still rocked it. Even the third set was still quite good…for me. Maybe it was the knee sleeves (which by the way are very uncomfortable in a kneeling position). Or maybe it was my NERD socks. Whatever the reason, today the ab wheel just clicked into place for me and, for this moment, I love it!

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