Letters to a Friend

As part of my Christmas gift to one of my bestest friends, I put together a little compilation of ‘letters’. Once I finally settled on the idea, I had to write like crazy in order to get it all done before Christmas, so there wasn’t really time for editing and re-writing. I rather wish I had come up with the idea sooner, because in re-reading them now I can see lots of ways that I could have expanded on the subjects. Oh well! As I was writing though, I realized that those letters, such as they were, could become little blog posts for days when there really isn’t anything interesting to say. So they might pop up now and again, and I will probably write new ones because the idea is just so intriguing.


“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” AA Milne

Promise me you will always remember! You are all of those things and more. I have often felt quite the opposite – that I am not brave, not strong, and certainly not smart. I have no real skills, no education, no degrees or titles. I put myself into a box, such a small box, plain and unadorned. That is how I see myself most often, but I am not truly like that image and neither are you. I am brave enough to go out in a tornado storm to re-erect my collapsed tent in the middle of the night. I am strong enough to step up to a bar on a platform in front of a small crowd of friends and strangers to lift more weight than I had ever thought possible. I am smart enough to listen to good advice, even when it means shutting down a goal I’d worked so hard to achieve. I am more than those things. You are more! Promise me you’ll always remember.



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