Faster, Higher, Stronger

I know that we are already ten days into the new year, but I am finally ready to proclaim my theme for 2015. For the past several years, I have had a theme to motivate me and keep me focused on my goals. 2012 was Made for More. 2013 was Acceptable Transformation. Last year was Growing Faith. I had an idea for 2015’s theme pop into my head prior to Christmas, but I was hesitant to use it because it seemed too…I don’t know, too narrow or not spiritual enough. It just didn’t seem like a good fit, but I couldn’t come up with anything else that did seem to fit. Not having a theme in place prior to January 1 was quite irksome. I was even ready to adopt a friend’s theme for the year. While her theme of “Intentional” could have easily been applied to my own life, it just didn’t seem quite right. I could have chosen to settle for it for the sake of having my theme, but I basically did that with last year’s theme and it didn’t work out very well for me. My theme has to hold meaning and purpose to me. It needs to resonate within me, otherwise it is merely a weightless word or phrase.

As I was driving home from yesterday’s training session, my mind wandered back to the subject of my theme for the year or lack of a theme. The idea that I had tucked back into the mental closet before Christmas suddenly stood before me once again. Why couldn’t that work as my theme? This is obviously something that resonates with me right now. If it didn’t, then I wouldn’t still be doing mental gymnastics with it. Why do I feel like my theme must fit into a specific little box? Part of my idea’s appeal is in its ability to cover a lot of ground. I argued with myself as I drove and finally came to the conclusion that my original idea would work quite well for my theme. So here it is!

Faster, Higher, Stronger


  • Despite the hip issue that prevented me from running the marathon in October, last year was probably the best year of running I’ve ever had. I ran my fastest 10K ever, knocking 8 minutes off of my previous personal best time and finishing in under an hour. I put more mileage on my running shoes than I ever had before. My endurance and speed increased. It would be difficult to have a better year of running, and I don’t really want to even try to top last year’s performance. My focus for at least the first half of this year is powerlifting, so running will take a back seat. I will still run, when I can and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the powerlifting training. While running won’t be the priority, I still want to be able to go further, faster.
  • I don’t particularly enjoy doing housework and other mundane, never-ending tasks, but I recognize the necessity of getting them done. I can be a fantastic procrastinator, so I want to strive to be more intentional about getting those tasks done quickly. The faster the boring stuff gets done, the sooner I can do the fun stuff!


  • There is still room for the spiritual side of my goals with this theme! I always want to continue to grow deeper and wider in my faith, in relationship with my God. Life is a journey.


  • The most obvious comment here is that I want to continue to get stronger physically. I’m not interested in doing powerlifting competitions just to continue lifting the same amount of weight that I lifted last year! I want to break my own records. I want to make a legitimate attempt at breaking the world deadlift record.
  • I have great people in my life. In the process of living life, it is all too easy to take those amazing people for granted or to let dust settle on the ties that bind us. I do not like being that kind of friend! I want to be intentional about building into my relationships, making them stronger and healthier. It’s a win-win situation, because I get blessed even as I bless others.

That’s my theme for 2015 in a nutshell, although I am sure I could expound on it more if I sat staring at my laptop for another hour or two. But I think this is enough to get me going for the year!



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