The Birthday

Today I am another year older. I am also stronger, possibly wiser, and I certainly feel younger than my years. Yes, it is possible to feel younger than you are! Except for those days when aches creep in! On those days, I definitely feel every one of my years and maybe a couple more.

On Friday, while training, Michael was telling another woman about my powerlifting records and goal to break a world record for the over 40 group. She kind of laughed and said that I would have to be over 40 first! Then I laughed! I am 43 years old today.

So far I have had a good day. It’s not exactly the day I would plan for a birthday. There was laundry that needed to be done, protein powder & a few groceries to be bought, and goodwill donations to box up. Being a Sunday, my bedtime is far too early, like 7:00; however, I intend to be slightly rebellious in order to watch Canada’s World Junior semi-final hockey game to its conclusion. Unless the Canadians are blowing the Slovaks out of the water by 7:00, then I might force myself to go to bed on time.

The day hasn’t been all routine though. Kane made me breakfast. The two of us enjoyed a nice brunch at a neighbourhood restaurant. My daughter baked me a cake and is determined to make me dinner. Sam is washing dishes. In fact, I’m not allowed in the kitchen! (I can live with that!) I have no idea what she is making, and she has no idea how it will turn out! It should be interesting. If all else fails, we can eat cake!





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