Another year is drawing to an end. Has it been a good one? I think so, even if it turned out differently than I had expected. I don’t really make resolutions. Instead I make goals. Perhaps the difference is mere semantics, but I like the idea of goals to work towards over an ‘I resolve to’ declaration. Yeah, it is totally semantics!

Some of my goals for this year slipped by the wayside, like finishing a knitting project. I never even started a knitting project! I taught myself how to knit and then promptly put it aside. I doubt I would even remember how to begin without watching a youtube video again!

There was success for several of my goals. I continued on with training, losing weight, getting into better physical shape, and changing my eating habits. I have been practicing thankfulness more intentionally. There was purging of clutter in storage areas, although more is always required. I believe that I have written, prayed, read and loved more. I have definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone more often, too. Sometimes those successes are easily overlooked, because they aren’t always tangible, trackable, or even laudable.

There was one goal that was left unfulfilled, though not for lack of desire or effort. The marathon. I worked very hard for that goal, hard enough that I was close enough to see the finish line, but my body had other plans. It wasn’t easy to let go of that goal, but it was the best decision. Although I could easily do a marathon at another time, that is not something I intend to do. But I know I could!

And then there was a goal that snuck in well after I composed my list for 2014. It took me by surprise, but it took over a great part of my year and will feature quite prominently in the coming year, too. Powerlifting! Who would have ever thought that a 42-year old woman would take up powerlifting? It’s a little crazy, but I love it. It must be love if you are willing to wear a singlet in front of a crowd of strangers!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2014. I will celebrate with a morning training session, an evening 5K Resolution Run, and some fun with my family. I just may even stay up until after midnight this year, since I don’t have the Resolution Run on New Year’s morning now!

2015. A new year full of promise and possibilities. I am excited for what the year will bring my way. Life is good, and I am cruising along on this journey. So what are my goals for the new year?

  • I want to compete in 2 (possibly even 3) powerlifting competitions. The third one is currently just the seed of an idea in my head and may not even happen. It would involve travelling out-of-province, which would be dependent on my husband’s availability and desire to travel to Calgary. If that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen…and that’s okay! But the first 2…I definitely want those!
  • I want to set new PRs in competition, break my own National records.
  • While I have given up on the marathon goal, I would like to run a 1/2 marathon. I did it while training for the marathon, so I know I could do it again. It would just be nice to do it for an actual race. However, this goal could be dropped like a hot potato if it were to conflict with the possibility of competing at that third powerlifting competition.
  • continue to clean up my eating habits, stay healthy & as injury-free as possible
  • continue to be intentional about thankfulness and happiness
  • be more intentional with relationships
  • write more, create more

And this is the big one…

  • There is a 100% RAW deadlift world record that I want to break. I want it like Gollum wants his Precious! Okay, so maybe not quite like that, but it could grow into that by the time July rolls around. But don’t worry…I won’t fall into the fires of Mount Doom if I fall short of the record!



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