Of Christmas Indulgences

I have not been sticking to my normal eating habits over the past few days because of the holidays. This was intentional and for a limited time only. For some, the entire month of December is nothing more than an excuse to eat and indulge. Once upon a time that might also have been me but not anymore. I stayed pretty much on track until partway through Christmas Eve, and I plan to return to my routine tomorrow. It has been a nice enough change of pace to just eat what I want when I want it, but I am looking forward to the regular rhythm of being mindful of what I consume. As nice as it is to indulge, I really do feel better when I make better, smarter choices more often than not.

Even though I have been indulgent, I haven’t gone completely off the rails. There is an awful lot of chocolate and sugary things in my house right now, and though I have indulged, there has still been a measure of self-control. Still, I have eaten a lot of carbs and not nearly enough protein, but I have made a conscious effort to eat plenty of vegetables.

I am not stressed out over how I have been eating. I am not worried about gaining a couple of pounds, although I certainly wouldn’t want them to stick around for too long (especially down the road when I want to drop a weight class for a competition), but my belly has definitely been feeling a little bloated. I went to step on the scale yesterday only to discover that the scale battery is low. I tried the scale again this morning, but the low battery still wouldn’t permit proper function. Tried again after work this afternoon and the low battery seemed to have enough power to let me step on the scale. I generally only weigh myself first thing in the morning, because my weight does fluctuate over the course of a day, so I never trust the scale later in the day. Even with my skepticism firmly in place, I was pleasantly surprised by the number on the scale. It is only about a pound, possibly two, more than it was before Christmas. I can live with that!

There are still some holidays yet to celebrate though, first New Year’s and then my birthday. I should be okay though, I think. I’m usually in bed early on New Year’s Eve, and a birthday can be celebrated with only a bit of celebratory indulgence. Right?



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