Twas the Night Before Christmas

It has been a long, long day. The work day started at 5:30, which means I was up a little before 4:00, actually a little earlier than my alarm because my inner time clock seems to think that I don’t need every last precious minute of sleep allotted to me. Yes, I might just be a little bitter about that.

Being Christmas Eve, the work day was somewhat different than usual, and I placed myself in one of the most demanding positions. It wasn’t really where I had wanted to be, because I was there yesterday and almost all day last Saturday; however, sometimes you just need to suck it up and do the dirty task because it is the right thing to do. Obviously I survived the work day.

Immediately upon leaving work I stopped at a nearby grocery store for a few last-minute grocery items and then the liquor store for some beer for my husband and now legal son. Both places were quite busy.

Once home I had a quick shower. I really wanted to put my pyjamas on when I was finished, but I knew I’d be going to our church’s Christmas Eve service and might draw some funny looks.

When I am tired, I tend to procrastinate. I knew I should bake pumpkin pies this afternoon, but once I was finished my shower and dressed I really just wanted to sit and let tension ooze out of my body. I did the calculations in my head…could I bake the pies tomorrow before the turkey goes in the oven? In theory, yes, but it would interfere with the traditional brunch and my little run. So, I baked pumpkin pies this afternoon, one traditional and one gluten-free. Then I could relax for a little while.

Thankfully the Christmas Eve service was at 5:30. Since we hadn’t had supper before and I had nothing planned or prepared for, we found a Chinese buffet restaurant that was still open after we were finished at church. The food was adequate, and I was glad to have not been called upon to prepare and clean up another meal.

Back at home once again and the kids were desperate to play a game as a family, so we played a few rounds of Scattergories Categories. Scattergories is always a fun game, but there were a few of us with exhausted brain cells. We ate ice cream cake in celebration of Casey’s 19th birthday yesterday. We had the cake today, because he was out with friends last night. Now the children have scampered off to their various rooms, although they won’t be going to bed anytime soon. Not soon enough for my liking!

I realized I still have one more gift to wrap and, of course, stockings to fill. I had poured myself some eggnog with rum, but I’ve only been able to drink about half of it. I am so not used to drinking something so rich and sweet tasting. But soon I hope to be snug as a bug in my bed…not that there are bugs in my bed, of course! I am completely tuckered out, but I know that tomorrow is going to be a great day.


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