The Gift

You know that feeling when you have finished a project and you want to share it with everyone, but you can’t because it is a gift for someone and you need to wait until that person actually receives and opens it…yeah, that is exactly what I am feeling right now!

I exhausted so many brain cells trying to come up with the perfect gift for one of my best friends. I was finally hit with inspiration on Tuesday afternoon, and I’ve been working like a madwoman during every free minute I’ve had since then to get it done. I think I finally finished just a short while ago, although the nature of this gift easily allows me to add more to it at any point in time that I would like, even after my friend receives the gift! Sounds awesome, don’t you think!

As I have been working on this gift, I had the brilliant idea that I could use many aspects of the gift as blog posts. I can’t speak too much about that right now, because my friend just might read this blog and I’d hate to ruin the surprise. But after Christmas and the New Year and my birthday, then I will most likely do a series of blogs stemming from this gift. Maybe you won’t find them as exciting as I currently do, but that’s okay, too.


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