A Busy Week

It is the start of the last full week before Christmas, and it is looking to be a busy one.

Monday: work & training session & my final 400 kettle bell swings

Tuesday: work, a ladies’ Christmas event in the evening

Wednesday: training session, catch up on housework and laundry

Thursday: a hair appointment, staff Christmas party

Friday: work, training session

Saturday: work, possibly go see the new Hobbit movie

Sunday: church, catch up on laundry & housework

Those are the basics of the week, but there are several items that need to be added to my schedule. I need to get a brow wax. I need to make sure my daughter gets to her events Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I need to make a main dish item for her to take to her Thursday event. I still need to finish my Christmas shopping, find a turkey, and do regular grocery shopping. I need to figure out a birthday gift for my son and find out what he wants to do for his 19th birthday. Since I have the okay to run the Resolution Run on New Year’s Day, I’d really like to get a bit of running in before that day. I know it won’t be much, but I’d love to run 2K sometime this week. I have rolling and exercises to do at home for my hip and shoulder. I should put some serious thought into possibly doing some Christmas baking. There is still wrapping to do, too. Undoubtedly I am forgetting a bunch of things that really need to be done. I just hope I remember them before I run out of time to do them!


One thought on “A Busy Week”

  1. Hi Angela,
    Check out my song/video Ah at Santa’s Village by swo8 Blues Jazz.
    It is great for children and you could even do your exercises to it.

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