Wednesday’s Workout

A Wednesday training session revolves around the upper body. While I still enjoy my Wednesday session, upper body stuff isn’t always high on my favourites list. This is likely due to the fact that working the upper body feels harder than squatting or deadlifting or working my legs, which is probably due to the fact that my upper body muscles are weaker than my leg muscles. Of course, this is why I need to have a session focusing on upper body!

There are two other reasons why I’m less enthusiastic about working my upper body:

  1. My shoulder sucks and has sucked since early May. While it is certainly much improved since May, it feels like an issue that will never completely go away, and, at times, I feel like it is holding me back.
  2. My brain gets in the way! There are a lot of things that I have never done, but I know that I could do them; however, when it comes to my upper body strength, I tend to have a mental road block that tells me the weight is far too heavy, the reps far too many. I am getting better at getting past those road blocks, but it can still take me a while to do it.

Today’s session looked mostly the same as last Wednesday’s session and will look the same for the next little while.

1. floor presses with chains

The idea here is that I need to do 3 sets of 8 at the given weight before I can increase the weight. Last week I did 55 pounds plus the chains (approximately 40 pounds) and was successful. Today we changed the bar which instantly added a couple of pounds, so my working weight was 57 pounds plus the chains. The first set was good, and I got my 8 reps. The second set was more of a struggle, and I was only able to get 5 reps. The final set was better than the second, and I managed 7 reps.

I’m not keen on failing, so I’m not too thrilled with those reps, but I grudgingly understand that this is not a bad thing. It is okay. It is normal. It is still an improvement! But I can be pleased that I am getting better at “breaking the bar” and grooving the proper movement…at least as much as I can with the way the chains wobble the bar!

2. supine rows…4 sets of 10

I used to really dislike these, but they are getting easier.

3. dumbbell presses (laying flat)

Presses, in all their forms, are the sort of exercise that has that mental road block before it. A couple of weeks ago I snuck past the road block when I used 25 pound dumbbells, and they felt easy!

Today I did 4 sets for reps of 10, 10, about 12-14, and 10. The reason the number for the third set is iffy is because I lost count. I lost count, because Michael was correcting my form midway through the set. This is where my shoulder sucks, which is why I need to work hard to remember all the little cues and tricks to keep my shoulders properly stabilized and working properly. The word for today is “corkscrew”, as in how I load up my shoulder.

4. one-arm Chinese kb rows…3 sets (12, 12, and 10 reps) with a 12kg kettle bell

Michael threw in a couple more things:

5. some sort of cable row/face pull with the rope handle

Okay, so my fitness vocabulary is limited, but I do know that this is all about working my shoulders.

20 pounds x 15, 30 pounds x 15 x 2 sets

6. triceps extensions using a 10kg kettle bell…1 set of 9 and 1 set of 6

Apparently my triceps are weak! Really, I’m not surprised.



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