And Now a Few Words…


After blogging daily for an entire month, it felt a little odd not to blog yesterday, but yesterday was a very long, busy day, so I was really quite glad that I didn’t have to blog! Actually the past several days have been busy, crazy busy and long. Today is my Friday, and my mental faculties feel more than a little compromised, so this blog post might get a little weird. You’ve been warned!

Just some of the things bouncing around my head today, yesterday, lately:

  • whoever uses the coconut sugar every day should really seal the lid when he/she is finished
  • anyone who thinks that advertising doesn’t work should come work with me about a week into a new promotion. It really doesn’t matter if we’re only featuring an old product, there is always someone who never knew we had it until just now, and we inevitably sell lots of said product.
  • I think my shoulder has been playing a game of charades with me for the past couple of days. My guess is that it is a bowl of Rice Krispies. (snap, crackle & pop)
  • there are very few situations in my life where I don’t hear a song lyric playing in my head that appropriately fits the situation. Sometimes I let the lyrics slip out.
  • I discovered a new, big bruise on my leg tonight. I don’t know where it came from. Every time I say that I don’t know where I got a bruise from, I hear my chiropractor’s voice in my head. I never thought I bruised easily, but he assures me that I do. Maybe he’s right, but gosh darn it I hate being wrong!
  • it’s been 78 days since I last ran
  • I need a giant mug, because my mugs simply aren’t big enough when I want a lot of tea. Or, I suppose I could simply use the teapot and make a pot of tea…but that might be too easy.
  • you know you’re an adult when waking up at 6:00 in the morning is sleeping in
  • it’s almost that time of year when I spend copious amounts of time and energy to make my Earl Grey truffles…or I could not make them this year and tick off my co-workers who have come to expect some every Christmas season
  • I swung the kettle bell for the 5000th time today, which means that I am halfway there (and this is where the mental soundtrack slips out with…oh, livin’ on a prayer!)
  • Star Wars teaser trailer! OH MY GOODNESS! To say that I am excited is a huge understatement! Those 90 seconds make me all giddy with glee. Tie fighters, x-wings, the Falcon…sigh!
  • 23 days until Doctor Who



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