Almost December

November’s NaBloPoMo is nearly over! I have one more day to blog, and then I will have successfully completed the challenge to blog every day in the month of November. It’s a challenge I enjoy, but it certainly isn’t always easy to blog on a daily basis. Some days there isn’t much to say, while some days there is barely time to say it. Saturdays are long days for me, like so many others it seems, but somehow it just wipes me out a little bit more. The day is usually a good one, but I start slipping into zombie mode by mid-afternoon. This Saturday is no different. As much as I want to become one with the sofa as soon as I get home from work, I try to get the important stuff done right away…before my brain and body shut down. Today that meant doing some grocery shopping with the husband after work and 400 kettle bell swings while the husband made dinner. Now I’ve eaten dinner, had a bath, and I am currently trying to stay focused on the task of writing this blog post. I am looking forward to my bed, sleeping in until the grand time of 7:00 AM, and hanging out with friends to watch tomorrow’s Grey Cup.


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