Shovelling & Shoulders

snowdayWe received our first big dump of snow last night. While I didn’t go outside with a ruler to measure, I reckon we got 4-6 inches of the white stuff. The world was very pretty this morning…and slightly squashed. The lilac bush in the backyard was about half its’ normal height. The front hedges were also smaller in stature. In fact, the upper branches were weighed down in such a fashion as to create a covered archway. Along the side of the house, a couple of moderately sized branches snapped. Thankfully, for us, that was the extent of any troubles from the snow. Other areas of the city had power outages, so I guess a few mashed trees and hedges are insignificant.

If you know anything about me at all, then you would know that all that fresh snow really, truly made me want to go for a run. Of course, I cannot and I did not, but that reality doesn’t squash the desire. The slush did that! The one aspect of weather that I do not like running in is slush, and there was lots of slush today.

After this morning’s training session and errands, I came home and decided to shovel the driveway. Ugh! The snow was incredibly heavy. I managed about half of the driveway before calling it quits. The shovelling didn’t help my shoulder at all, and I’m still feeling the effects now. Guess that gives me an excuse to avoid shovelling for the rest of winter!


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