Sundays, for me, have an awkward feel to them. While it is a day off work, somehow Sunday just never truly feels like a day of rest. At any given moment on a Sunday, I am acutely aware of the passing of time, and I feel crunched to get everything that I need and want to get done completed before I go to bed at 7:00 PM. Sometimes, even the things that I want to do can cause me to stress a bit, knowing that my time is limited.

A typical Sunday looks something like this:

  • wake up around 7:00, shower/eat breakfast/get dressed
  • leave for church around 9:00 and finish there around 11:00
  • after church we often run a quick errand or two
  • back home around noon, have lunch
  • do 2-3 loads of laundry
  • print off my food log for the week to give to my trainer on Monday
  • plan out what I’ll be eating the next day or two, prepare my lunch for work the next day
  • make sure I have what I need in my gym bag
  • make sure I have what I need in my work bag
  • make sure my Bible study stuff is together and positioned where I won’t forget it in my usual Monday night rush
  • clean the kitchen
  • work on my insane candy cane puzzle
  • do all the stretches and such that my chiropractor wants me to do

Okay, so perhaps that doesn’t really sound like much now that I’ve typed it all out, but there is always so much more that could be, should be done at any given moment. To be perfectly honest, I’d love to have lazy Sunday afternoons to do only those things that I want to do…the fun things, the relaxing things, the unproductive things. Unfortunately, the boring, the busy, and the productive things must poke their noses into my Sundays.

Mondays are crazy long days for me. My day begins at 3:15 AM and will not end until about 10:00 PM. It’s an insane day, yet somehow I usually manage to survive it. The energy and alertnessĀ are essentially depleted by roughly 7:30-8:00 PM, but I blink a lot to keep my eyes from glazing over too much. Last week I skipped out on my study and shaved a few hours off of the long day. We only have a couple more study nights left for 2014, so I need to make sure I get there tomorrow…even if my brain and my body just want to stay home.

It’s amazing how much energy I put into preparing for Monday! For sure it is a long day, but it isn’t a bad day. I suppose I just like to be prepared, and I know that the day is busy enough to require advance preparations for a smoother finish. I just cannot imagine being one of those people who go through a day like that by the seat of their pants! If that works for others-great, but that isn’t for me.


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