Just a Swinging

I am four days into the 10 000 kettle bell swing challenge. On my trainer’s advice, I took it easy the first couple of days and only did half the number of swings per day. Yesterday I began the full 400 daily swings. Oh my glutes! I sat down for a few seconds between sets today, and my glutes hurt! Sitting on a soft sofa!

Actually I’m not sure which takes the worst beating: the glutes or my calluses. My poor calluses have been sore since Tuesday. I really hate to admit this, but I have taken to wearing gloves for the final set of 50 swings in an effort to lessen the discomfort and keep a firm grip on the kettle bell. Deadlifts, always brutal on my calluses, are going to be fun tomorrow…

So, I am four days and 1200 swings into the 30-day challenge. Only 8800 swings left to go!



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