The Rant

This is going to be a bit of a rant. Or a lot of one.

I am tired, basically functioning on caffeine power, and my shoulder has decided that it wants to be a ‘pain in another body part’ today, for which I am highly irritated and frustrated. Then I came home from work to a disaster in the kitchen…the final ingredient for the creation of a perfect storm. If I don’t vent here, I might erupt somewhere else! While venting here is really no better than erupting all over my family, at least the act of writing out my frustration will help defuse the situation.

I am not a neat-freak by any stretch of the imagination, at least at home, but it boggles my mind how thoughtless my family can be when it comes to the most basic of tasks. Is it really that difficult? The kitchen was a mess when I got home from work. Every counter was covered in stuff that didn’t need to be there, or, at the very least, could have been more neatly arranged. What makes the mess so irritating is that it would only require a couple of seconds to prevent, but instead it gets left for someone else (usually me) to deal with. It took me less than 10 minutes to put the kitchen back into basic order.

  • the dishwasher was essentially empty but the counters and sinks were full of dirty dishes
  • there were at least 4 empty plastic recyclable food containers (one of which wasn’t even rinsed out) on the counter and at least 6 empty cardboard boxes
  • there were 2 empty plastic milk cartons on the counter…one not rinsed out (major pet peeve)
  • someone opened a new block of a butter, but there was still butter out from the previous block
  • even though we have a bin right outside the kitchen door for recyclable beverage containers, there were a couple of empty juice boxes, empty Milk To Go bottles, and a few empty beer cans/bottles on the counter…literally 1 foot from the kitchen door!
  • the kids eat cereal and leave the box/bag on the counter instead of putting it back in the cupboard
  • they fail to wring out the dish cloth and hang it up. Instead, they leave it in the bottom of the sink and proceed to dump things in the sink, so that the cloth becomes a stinky, slimy object that no one wants to touch. Then they get a new cloth, leaving the gross one in the sink, and repeat the whole process again.
  • dish towels left on the counter instead of hung up neatly, or worse, taken to the living room or their bedrooms as a napkin instead of using the actual napkins on the dining room table

I could easily continue this rant, but then I would be pointing out things that annoy me in general rather than what I actually came home to today. That might be a little petty on my part, so I am going to end that portion of my rant now.

And you know, I do feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest! My shoulder is still a problem, and I will be most frustrated if that interferes with my training session tonight. I have a feeling it will.


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