Working out the Weak Spots

Twas a good training day today, although bad training days are rather rare. We worked on some weak spots, so I might have some sore spots tomorrow.

First up were deficit dead lifts. It’s been a while since I’ve done deficit dead lifts, and I’ve never done them with too much weight or for too many reps. Today I did both!

  • 75 pounds x 5 reps
  • 115 x 5
  • 145 x 5
  • 165 x 3
  • 185 x 3
  • 195 x 3
  • 205 x 3
  • 175 x 9

Between dead lift sets I did military presses…with fat grips.

  • 45 pounds x 5
  • 55 x 5
  • 60 x 5
  • 60 x 5
  • 60 x 5

The final two exercises were triceps extensions and sumo Romanian deadlifts.

It is glaringly obvious that my triceps are weak. I started with a 12kg kettle bell and managed 9 reps, switched to a 10kg kettle bell for the second set and did about 8 before we switched it up again because of clicking in the front of my right shoulder. Instead of doing both arms together, I stabilized one arm with the other and used a 10 lb dumbbell. My trainer mocked my struggle to get 5 reps done. In my defense I had just done 8 with the heavier weight with no rest before the switch. My arms were a little fatigued! But there was no way that I was going to have 5 reps be my “PR” with 10 pounds, so I pushed through to complete 10 reps for the final two sets.

The sumo RDLs were all about using the glutes. 115 pounds x 15 x 2 sets, 115 x 20

And it wasn’t until the very end of my training session that I felt a slight burn on my shin. As I removed my shoes and knee-high socks, I found a bit of a scrape on my right shin. One of those dead lifts bit me right through my sock! Oh well, it’s a small price to pay for a couple of PRs.




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