Pizza Night?

I said no to pizza tonight. And wings. I am not even sick!

It doesn’t even feel like I’ve had the previous three days off, and I am so glad that today was my Friday. Today was a long day at work. Isn’t it funny how an 8-hour shift can feel like so much more if the conditions line up a particular way. The morning began slowly, but the craziness hit mid-morning and all the way through lunch and beyond. I have been yawning since I got home.

I sort of had intentions for dinner, but my brain and my body really just wanted to shut down for the rest of the day. Kane came home from work wanting to do something special for dinner. The kids didn’t want to go out, so they decided to order pizza.

If I really wanted pizza, then I would have some pizza; however, I really wasn’t keen on having pizza and today is a lower carb day. While I’m okay to have a moderate amount of carbs, pizza wouldn’t be my best choice. So despite my exhaustion, I made myself a salad of sorts with seasoned ground beef, brown rice, lettuce, veggies and some cheese…strangely satisfying even though it wasn’t pizza. Although I do have to say that the wings smelled rather delicious!


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