For Kane

My husband is amazing! I just have to put it out there, because I probably don’t say it enough. Sure, he can drive me crazy and push buttons he likely didn’t even realize I had, but he loves me and puts up with all my craziness and flaws.

My husband is one of my biggest cheerleaders…without the pom-poms and catchy cheers. Okay, so maybe he does have some cheesy slogans, but I usually ignore those. What matters is that he supports me in my endeavors, whatever they may be, and he believes in my ability to do them, even when I have my doubts. When I asked him last week if he would be okay with me competing in powerlifting again, he said that he is more supportive of me doing powerlifting than he is for me to run. Ouch! In fairness, he has always been supportive of my running. Where his support wavered was with my goal to run a marathon. More specifically, I think his support grew thin the more my body hurt after a long run. Had I been healthy enough to run the marathon, I know that he would have been behind me all the way, at least figuratively. When he mocks my dedication to eating healthy, I know that he is only teasing me and that he is seriously proud and a wee bit jealous!

My husband pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes I push back, because our personalities are complete opposites and there is a limit to just how much pushing I will take. While I may not always agree with his method, I do know that his motivation comes from a desire to see me grow, improve, or shine. Of course, when his pushing has positive results, I must listen to his gloating (and that’s okay, too.) If it wasn’t for his pushing, I would never have started out with a trainer, which means I would never have started powerlifting.

My husband puts up with my craziness. He’s a Trekkie married to a Star Wars fan girl. His eyes might roll when I purchase another piece of Star Wars/Doctor Who/Wonder Woman merchandise, but he allows me my indulgences. He was willing to spend at least 6 hours driving through unpredictable mountain weather, spend money on a hotel & restaurants, and pay an admission fee just so I could watch some powerlifting (and he even had a good time!)

I am truly blessed. Sometimes it is just a good idea to say it ‘out loud’.


One thought on “For Kane”

  1. It is nice to see love publicly celebrated. More people should do it. As for relationships, well they simply wouldn’t be interesting if everything was easy and predictable. It sounds like you guys are pretty solid. Jonathan.

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