It’s been a long but excellent day. Kane and I made the 3 hour drive to Abbotsford to take in some of the British Columbia Powerlifting Association’s Fall Classic. The original plan had been to watch my trainer compete, but he had to withdraw. That is disappointing, and I know exactly how that feels! Still, I was keen to watch some lifting, and my husband knows the way to my heart…so here we are!

The drive through the mountains is not always very good at this time of year, but we had excellent weather and perfect road conditions. There was some snow on the tops of a few mountains, but otherwise it was a beautiful fall day.

After stopping for lunch, we arrived at the competition in time to watch half the ‘bench press only’ event. Once that was finished it was time for the ladies and a few men to lift. Wow! There were some big weights squatted, pressed and pulled! Sometimes they made it look so easy. While it was fun to be there, to watch and to cheer, what I really wanted to do was be out there on the platform lifting! Watching made me hungry. It made me want to be stronger.




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