I had a good training session today. In a way it felt like I got off rather easy, but I am just glad to have been able to do regular deadlifts again.

1. Deadlifts

  • 95 pounds x 6
  • 125 pounds x 8
  • 155 pounds x 5 x 5 sets

These really weren’t overly difficult, but I guess that’s okay.

2. Block pulls

  • 155 x 3
  • 175 x 5 x 4 sets
  • then we dropped the weight down to 125 for a high rep set, so that I could correct a little issue with form

3. Kettle bell swings

  • 20 swings every minute on the minute until I was ready to quit…I lasted for 6 sets of swings

Now my calluses are red and sore, but that is something I can be happy about. While soaking in the tub a short while ago, I noticed what appears to be a rash on the backs of both my hands. I’m thinking it rather looks like petechiae, and I was stumped as to what could have caused this. It hadn’t been there earlier in the day. I hadn’t used any new products lately, and the only product used on my hands today was soap. While I had used straps for the block pulls, I didn’t think those would have been the cause. I am used to some minor skin irritation on my wrist after using straps, but this rash is in a different location. However, upon further consideration, I wonder if the straps were the culprit. Is it possible that they created a tourniquet-like pressure which resulted in petechiae? Maybe?


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