Throwback Thursday

Many people on social sites use Thursdays to post old photos, a throw-back to some random or significant event in their lives. I don’t often do that myself, but I did decide to look back at my blog post from last year to refresh my memory of where I was at in this journey.

On this date last year, I was on day 3 of a week without carbs. My trainer had been gradually tweaking my eating habits, but then he got serious. I had that one week without carbs, followed by alternating days of moderate carbs and low carbs/high fats with one cheat day per week.

Before looking back in my blog, I knew it had been roughly a year since I started this eating plan, yet re-reading those old blog posts somehow make me feel as if I’ve been doing this carb cycling thing for so much longer than a year. I can barely recall those early struggles to stay away from carbs, to consume enough protein, and drink enough water. I am certain that I spent a lot of time thinking about food, about what I could or could not eat. Figuring out what I could eat and what I wanted to eat and making sure all my numbers for carbs, fats and proteins added up to the proper levels was a real challenge…in the beginning. It’s so much easier now!

My numbers have changed from what they were a year ago, but for the most part I still follow the same plan. Since I am not actively seeking to lose weight right now, I am not always so strict with my numbers, but I find that I am quite comfortable with this plan that I follow. I do not feel deprived, and I so seldom have cravings that I can’t even recall the last time I did. I rarely feel as if I am starving. While my choices are not always perfect, I tend to make better ones more often than I did before. I can enjoy my cheat day without feeling guilt or shame or regret that I have eaten something with virtually no nutritional value but a boatload of fat and calories, because I know that I am in control of what I eat rather than being controlled by what I eat.

I know that not everyone has the discipline to stick with a program as consistently as I have over the past year. Don’t get me wrong-it isn’t always easy! It can be hard work. It does require effort and forethought and determination. It’s not always easy, but it does get easier the more you do it!


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