49 Days

It has been exactly 49 days since my last real run. (I’m not even going to bother counting the 2 kilometre test I did at the beginning of October, because it really wasn’t much of anything.) The last time I went this long without running was while I was recovering from surgery almost two years ago. It sucked then, and it sucks now.

I can be patient in many situations, for many reasons. When my marathon training came to a screeching halt 7 weeks ago, it was easier to be patient with the cease-running order. At that point running hurt…a lot, and I knew that rest was necessary in order for my hip to heal. Kissing the marathon good-bye wasn’t easy. For a few days, I was an emotional wreck, but I know that I made the best decision. And so it was still easy enough to be patient.

As the pain in my hip has been gradually decreasing, my patience with the lack of running has also been gradually decreasing. My impatience is increasing with every leaf that falls from a tree. I walked through leaves today, but it just wasn’t the same as running through them.

My hip has been feeling very good for a while now, at least a week and maybe a little longer. My chiropractor wants me to hold off running until we get the hip issue resolved, but I’m not sure what that actually looks like. Somehow I doubt that the lack of pain is the sole determining factor, which means I am going to have to rein in my impatience and continue to play the waiting game.


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