Desperately Seeking a Dead Mouse


Maggie the cat had been hovering around the sofa all day long. That is not a behaviour that I like, because it usually means that there is a mouse involved and I hate mice. I know it is irrational. I know I can lift heavy things, but I freak out at the sight of a mouse. Like feet off the floor, hands over my mouth and some shrieking. So, I knew that Maggie’s actions today would not bring good news my way, but I can be calm and cool with a reasonable amount of ignorance. If I don’t actually see the mouse or know for a fact that it is there, well then I can pretend that the cat is just messing with me. In such situations, there is no way that I am going to risk taking a look for myself, because I really don’t want to know!

I came home from my training session this evening just in time to hear Kane make some comment about me to Abby that had just enough hint of mocking to make me suspicious. My suspicions were confirmed when Abby tried to casually lift her feet off of the floor and onto the chair she was sitting on. It had been confirmed…there was a mouse under the sofa.

Kane attempted to be the hero, but the mouse merely avoided capture and moved to the dining room and under a cabinet. Kane slipped a trap under as well, and the cat is mostly holding vigil.

To be honest, I’m looking rather calm and collected right now. Cool as a cucumber actually. Okay, maybe just a teensy bit on edge. My feet are not on the floor though. I even managed to keep the squealing to a mere couple of smothered squeaks as the mouse streaked across the floor.

The good news is that we had an exterminator here yesterday, and we think we finally found where the mice have been getting in the house. Hopefully we can get that taken care of and put an end to this problem. No mice means a happy wife. A happy wife means a happy life!


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