The White Board


My training plan has finally made it onto a white board! It’s been a while since I had the day’s plan laid out for me in such detail. I like it! I have also started keeping a training journal, so the white board gives me something to photograph or copy from rather than trying to go by memory.

Today’s session was a lot of single leg and ab work; I’m feeling it all!


  1. single leg hip thrust…oh my word! This was much harder using one leg instead of two. There was some confusion, so this was done in group B for 3 sets. The first set was with a sandbag. The second set had a sandbag and a band. The third set was with just a band.
  2. push presses…not a “strong” exercise for me. Michael is frequently telling me to get the bar closer to my face in order to push the bar from the strongest position. I’m not sure if every rep was where it should be, but I definitely got closer to my face for at least one rep. I even gave myself a little knurling scrape on my chin. My best today was 65 pounds for 6 reps.
  3. chest-supported rows using 12kg kettle bells


  1. single leg braced RDL with kettle bells. I started with a 12kg kettle bell, moved on to 20kg for 2 sets and jumped to 32kg.
  2. dumbbell incline presses. These are usually something that make me feel incredibly weak, and I die a little inside when Michael recommends that I use the 20 pound dumbbells. šŸ˜‰ He has told me that it is a mental block, and I know he is correct. Today I did 12 reps with the 20 pounds, and it felt a little bit too easy. I didn’t even panic when he suggested going up to the 25 pound dumbbells! And those weren’t as heavy as they usually feel.
  3. rear laterals. These suck! I am quite certain that I would rather do push-ups or chin-ups than rear laterals. When I think that dumbbell presses make me feel weak, I know that laterals make me feel as weak as an infant. 10 pound dumbbells.


  1. triceps press-downs. 30 pounds
  2. seated dumbbell curls. These make me feel weak, too. 15 pound dumbbells.
  3. rope crunches. The first set was at 30 pounds for 20 reps. The second set was 50 pounds, and it was definitely a challenge to finish the 15th rep.
  4. kettle bell Sicilian crunches. I think I used a 12kg kettle bell. These are a bit deceptive. They look like they should be simple and easy, but they really aren’t.
  5. plank. I forgot about the plank on my first round, so I did a second plank shortly after finishing the second set. My abs were incredibly sore by the end, and my legs were feeling rubbery.

A slight change in my schedule due to Halloween means that I am training again tomorrow instead of Friday. That’s going to be fun with a sore body!


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