Hot Legs

I had quite the surprise at work last Friday. With only about a half-hour left in my shift, I was standing to the side of one register, waiting for a co-worker to finish a transaction so I could swap out any large bills. All of a sudden there was a crashing noise, followed by almost instant heat and pain on the back of my legs. The basket for one of the brewers had fallen from the machine, full of water at about 185 degrees. Unfortunately, I was standing about two feet in front of the brewer, so all that water splashed on me. My left leg was splashed from the back of my knee to right below the fleshy part of my calf. The right leg was splashed from the back of mid-thigh to right below my calf. Oh boy, did that hurt!

I don’t usually make it a habit to strip down at work, but I got myself to the staff washroom as quickly as I could and stripped off my pants. I would have given just about anything to have been able to put my legs under running cool water, but I reckoned that the baker’s sink wasn’t really designed to hold a 145 pound person as she showered off her legs! I had to make do with some burn gel and a plastic bag filled with ice cubes. A co-worker found me a spare pair of pants.

My legs were quite red for a while, but they looked almost normal within a couple of hours. It wasn’t until a few more hours later that I noticed a few lingering red splotches. Most of the soreness and irritation seem to have vanished now, although the red patches still feel a little soreness to the touch. Finding a comfortable position for sleeping has been difficult. I’ve been trying to avoid sleeping on my right side, because that irritates my right shoulder, even though that is my favourite position. Even though I wear earplugs, laying on my left side seems to make the earplug in the right ear almost pointless, because I can hear every little noise as if I wasn’t wearing an earplug in my right ear at all! Most annoying. This leaves laying on my back as the only real option, but I need to have a couple of pillows beneath my knees. Of course, being in that position puts the burns in direct contact with the pillows.

Thankfully it wasn’t worse and my legs are getting better every day. I was even able to wear my funky knee-high socks at the gym today…without any irritation aside from when I first put them on!


One thought on “Hot Legs”

  1. Yikes. I’ve been burned like that in small scale before working at a coffee shop. It sucks.

    Glad to hear it wasn’t worse than what it could have been and that it’s healing up quickly.

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