Ten Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I had a sandwich for lunch, because I haven’t had a sandwich for the past month and I kind of suddenly really wanted one. It was delicious, but I have to say that my gut has not been very happy since I ate it a few hours ago. I feel rather bloated, and there is a lot of churning going on inside. I just might need to keep my wheat intake to a minimum.
  2. I also did some baking for the first time in a month. It’s funny how my eating habits can dictate what the rest of the family gets to eat…or not eat! I suppose I’m just not keen on baking when I can’t enjoy the results. Wait a second! I did bake pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago, and I made a flour & sugar-free pumpkin mousse for myself.
  3. So what did I bake? Healthy cinnamon bun muffins. I ate one. It was reasonably delicious, but I know that one child will not eat it. The picture that was posted with the recipe does not match the actual finished product, and I am bothered by that fact. If the muffin looked like the recipe’s photo, then I think my picky child would quite possibly try it. But it doesn’t, so he won’t. I wonder why they used the photo they did, because there is absolutely no way that their muffin recipe could ever turn out like the photo! The muffins in their photo look like actual cinnamon buns with dough rolled into shape, but muffin batter that you are instructed to ‘fill the muffin liners 3/4 full’ will never look like rolled dough. Oh my, does that little incongruity greatly annoy me!
  4. Yesterday I asked my chiropractor how long I must refrain from running. There is no definitive answer, except to say that he wants to wait until we get the hip/shoulder issue resolved first. I understand that. I can even agree with that logic, but I really miss going for a run. And this is prime running weather! I’m going to miss running through crunchy leaves. That sucks.
  5. It seems that my hip issue is related to my shoulder issue, which means I’ve come full circle. Goes to show how connected the different parts of the body are and how easily a problem in one area can affect other areas.
  6. Yesterday was the second week that I have done my floor presses focusing on the new, to me, technique of attempting to break the bar. I have a tendency to bend my wrists when pressing, so Michael has instructed me to squeeze the bar hard and attempt to break it in half as I am pressing. This seems to keep my wrists in a stronger position which will benefit me greatly. Right now I do need to concentrate on keeping my wrists in the correct position, so I find that I am struggling more to keep the bar moving in the correct path. I’m not pressing as much as I know I can right now, but I can definitely feel how having my wrists in the proper position is making the act of pressing easier. Does that make sense? It is clear in my head, but I’m not sure it is translating properly.
  7. I seem to have a mental block when it comes to doing curls or pressing with dumbbells. Yesterday I had to do inclined presses using 20 pound dumbbells. As Michael pointed out (and he is right!), I tend to feel intimidated by those dumbbells, even though I’m pressing less weight than I just pressed from the floor using a barbell! For my floor presses I did a set at 65 pounds, a couple of sets at 85 pounds, and a set at 70 pounds. Why should I ever feel that pressing 20 pounds per arm is too difficult?
  8. My local weather is amazing. Three hours ago, the sun poked through the grey skies to shine in my living room window. It was pouring rain about an hour ago, and now I can see blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and sunshine through the window again! I love it.
  9. My chiropractor, in working on my shoulder again yesterday, said that my shoulders are more stable than they were when I first came to him in May…and they are more muscular! Oh yeah!
  10. Being a parent of young adults is rather fun. As I was home alone this morning, I heard my youngest son’s car as he arrived home from class. For some unexplainable reason, I went to his bedroom and positioned myself inside his open closet which is right next to his bedroom door, and I waited. He came in the house and went straight to his room, came in and put down his backpack, took off his jacket and turned to walk back out. Then he saw me, jumped and let out a bit of a shriek! Ha ha ha! Oh, how I laughed!

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